Welcome To The OHTSL

This is the web site of the Ohio Travel Soccer League. The OHTSL is a Youth soccer league for Travel/Community clubs both boys and girls between the Birth Years of 2002-2009 (U-9 thru U-14/15). The league is comprised of in excess of 75 communities and in excess of 775 teams throughout Northern Ohio with both competitive and geographical brackets. The league is a proud memebr of US Club Soccer.

For more information about the League, Sponsorship opportunties or to consider joining please contact Howard Klebanow at hklebanow@gmail.com or 216-469-7104.

Community Field Closurers


  • CLOSURES FOR 05/21/17










Shaker Heights Closed Sun 5/21

Brooklyn Closed Sun 5/21

Highland Closed Sun 5/21






The following high seniors have been awarded $1000 Ohio Travel Soccer League scholarships:

Caroline Schuster – Sandusky
Anna Posta – Solon
Asia Dudik – Geneva
Bridget Croniger – Lakewood

Dareion Marrison – Geneva
Michael Raker – Amherst
Alexander Waye – Hudson
Zachary Brown – Shaker Heights

Congratulations and good luck in your future endeavors!!!

Billing Information

Please send declaration / forfeit fees to the following address:

PO Box 16205
Rocky River, OH  44116


June 6 - Fall Team Registration Opens

June 11 - Last day for Spring Games

June 30 - Fall Team Registration Closes

July 16 - Fall Bracketing and General Meeting

July 19 - Open Fall Schedule Change Period

Two Spring Changes for 2017

Spring 2017 brings 2 major changes to the OHTSL.

First all U-9 games will now be played with offsides. In the fall 2016 the laegued agreed that offsides needed to be a part of the game and made it a rule for all U-10 (2007) games. it also agreed that fall each year the oal would be to train the youngest group this year 2008 (U-9) in the fall and begin offsides each spring.


Secondly we no longer will need each team to put a roster on a game card and provide it to the referee. Game scored should still be reported on the website by BOTH teams to make sure we get scores correct. Players and coaches passes will be checked at very game and NO player or coach will be allowed to particpate without showing the referee an active pass or an official US Club roster showing they have an active pass

Score Reporting

After each game coaches are responsible for reporting the final score to OHTSL for fall and spring.  You will need to login to the OHTSL website, www.ohtsl.com .   It is the responsibility of each community rep to add team contacts  to the OHTSL site, Any team contact that is listed can get their login information emailed by using the Forgot Login/Password link on the Login page.  Once you are logged in you will need to click on LEAGUE/ENTER SCORE/click on your team/ EDIT/enter the score of the game/SAVE. If your email address is incorrectly listed please contact your community rep listed on the Information/contact page on the ohtsl site

New Heading Rules Synopsis

Heading is not allowed in ages U8, U9, U10, and U11. If in the referees opinion a player intentionally heads the ball the result shall be an indirect free kick awarded to the opponent at the spot of the infraction. If the header is in the box, it will result in an indirect free kick just outside of the box.

Referee Fees For Spring 2017

 (7v7)- U9,10       $30.00

 (9v9)- U11, 12 and including U13-15 9v9       $36.00

(11v11) - U13, 14          $42.00

11v11 competitive division 1,2,3 all use a 3 man referee system

CR $40.00 AR1 $22.00  AR2 $22.00

Home Team Pays the referee before the game.

If a game is cancellled less than 24 hours prior to game and the home community Assignor isn't contacted by phone. Official gets full pay and home & away community will get billed half the official fee. 

Coaches Connection

Looking for coaches/trainers who are looking to get involved with a local community.

Communities Seeking Coaches/Trainers:

  • Revere

If interested, please contact Director of Coaching, Marcie Klebanow, at doc@ohtsl.com