Welcome To The OHTSL

This is the web site of the Ohio Travel Soccer League. The OHTSL is a Youth soccer league for Travel/Community clubs both boys and girls between the Birth Years of 2003-2010 (U-9 thru U-14/15). The league is comprised of in excess of 75 communities and in excess of 775 teams throughout Northern Ohio with both competitive and geographical brackets. The league is a proud memebr of US Club Soccer.

For more information about the League, Sponsorship opportunties or to consider joining please contact Howard Klebanow at hklebanow@gmail.com or 216-469-7104.


Thank you to all who have registered for the 2017 Ohio Travel Cup.  By the time the tournament starts, we will have more teams than the previous year....for the 3rd year in a row!!!!

Brackets have been set and we are currently working on the schedule.  Please note that we have received over 50 scheduling requests/conflicts.  As was indicated to all who made the requests, we will try our best to accommodate them; however we can not guarantee we willl be able to do so.  

Due to the large amount of requests we have received and the fact that the schedule is in the process of being completed, we will NOT be accepting any new schedule requests/conflicts as of 9/21 at 2:30 pm.

We hope to have schedules published by mid to late week the week of 9/25/17.  

Again, thank you for supporting the 2017 Ohio Travel Cup!

Passcard Fees and Roster Sizes

Passcard fees for 2017/2018

Age 11(2007) and below $14.00

Age 12(2006)-15(2002) $16.00

Staff $20.00 for 2 year pass

Roster size US Club Roster size is 26 for all ages but OHTSL game roster sizes below

 U9(2009)-U10(2007) 7v7-14

U11(2006)-U12(2005) 9v9- 16

U13(2004)-U14(2003&2002) 11v11-18

U8s will play in a U8 division in the U9 Bracket


Billing Information

Please send declaration / forfeit fees to the following address:

PO Box 16205
Rocky River, OH  44116


October 7 - Ohio Travel Cup

October 8 - Ohio Travel Cup

October 29 - Last day for Fall Games


The OHTSL and US CLUB are pleased to announce that the OHTSL will now be able to register any Recreation program through US Club. Dawn DiCicco will be handling the process for the league which involves simply getting sanctioned by US Club and then providing the OHTSL with an excel spreadsheet of all players and coaches. Coaches will be required to meet the standard US club requirements of the Side Line DOC program and background check. The cost is $10 per player and $5 per coach. For more information, please contact Dawn DiCicco at rec.admin@ohtsl.com.

USSF E License

West Geauga to host USSF E License, October 27-29, 2017

The National E course is an 18-hour course, typically held over one weekend, which covers the elementary principles of coaching and prepares interested coaches for the National D course. The course consists of a series of lectures and field sessions, and attendance is mandatory for the full duration of all course meetings.

Registration for the License is now available at:



There are only 36 posts available, so if interested register soon.

Score Reporting

After each game coaches are responsible for reporting the final score to OHTSL for fall and spring.  You will need to login to the OHTSL website, www.ohtsl.com .   It is the responsibility of each community rep to add team contacts  to the OHTSL site, Any team or community contact that is listed can get their login information emailed by using the Forgot Login/Password link on the Login page. Enter your email address as it appears on the OHTSL site  Once you are logged in you will need to click on LEAGUE/ENTER SCORE/click on your team/ EDIT/enter the score of the game/SAVE. If your email address is incorrectly listed please contact your community rep listed on the Information/contact page on the ohtsl site

Referee Fees For Fall 2017

 (7v7)- U9,10       $30.00

 (9v9)- U11, 12 and including U13-15 9v9       $36.00

(11v11) - U13, 14  regional divisionsnEast  SW, Far West and West       $42.00

11v11 competitive division all use a 3 man referee system

A Comptitive division is any divison without an East or West  or SW or Far West after the divsion

CR $40.00 AR1 $22.00  AR2 $22.00

Home Team Pays the referee before the game.

If a game is cancellled less than 24 hours prior to game and the home community Assignor isn't contacted by phone. Official gets full pay and home & away community will get billed half the official fee. 

Coaches Connection

Looking for coaches/trainers who are looking to get involved with a local community.

Communities Seeking Coaches/Trainers:


  • Revere
  • Solon Soccer Club


If interested, please contact Director of Coaching, Marcie Klebanow, at doc@ohtsl.com